5 Must-install Programs for Your New PC

5 Must-Install Programs for Your New PC

Whether you buy a new PC, or install a fresh operating system, you need to install loads of programs before you can do anything much productive. If you are the one like me, you wouldn’t be satisfied with the default programs that your operating system throws at you. Following is a list of 5 programs for your new PC that you must install to work efficiently.

5 Must-install Programs for Your New PC

  1. Ninite

Before you start installing your programs, why not make this process easy? Ninite is the first program for your new PC that you should install. It makes the installation of subsequent programs a breeze. You can just check the programs from a list and download a single installer to install all selected programs. Furthermore, Ninite unchecks the options to install promotional offers and bundled programs.

  1. An Antivirus

Default antivirus programs provide the basic protection, but you should never leave your computer at the mercy of attackers. Installing a good antivirus is the most important step you can take to protect your privacy and data. There are a number of good options like Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, Avast, Comodo, Avira, and many others to choose from.

  1. Browser

Unless you love the default browser for some reason, you should install one, or a few, great browsers. Most common choices are Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. There are many other specialty browsers as well.

  1. Office Suite

It is unlikely that can do productive work without installing an office suite program for your new PC. Microsoft office a very popular choice, but you can also choose LibreOffice or another free office suite.

  1. Media Player

Do not be content with the default media player. Try PotPlayer for Windows or some other cross-platform media player. Some choices include KMPlayer, VLC, and Media Player Classic (MPC) for all media types and MusicBee for music.