Software Utilities for Windows

Software Utilities for Windows

Many users notice that their PCs tend to become slower with time. If you are one of these, your suspicion is not entirely unfounded. Most programs change the things in your operating system that tend to create clutter and slow down your PC. Even Windows itself installs updates and creates files that cause clutter in your system and slow it down. So, in addition to the programs we install to perform certain tasks, we often need some utilities to keep our operating system in a prime condition. Following are some of these software utilities for Windows that will keep it in a good condition.

Software Utilities for Windows

  1. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a great software utility for Windows. In fact, it is a combination of many utilities that help you keep your Windows in a good condition. One notable utility is disk defragmenter, which has additional options as compared to the standard Windows disk defragmenter. Others include registry checker and defragmenter, junk files cleaner, tracks eraser, disk space explorer, and software updater.

You can run a number of common tasks grouped under 1-Click Maintenance. Its startup manager and context menu manager are two other useful tools that can significantly impact the speed of your system.

  1. Revo Uninstaller

When you uninstall a program, you have no way of ensuring that it has deleted everything. In fact, most programs leave their trails even after you uninstall them. this software utility for Windows lets you erase all traces of the programs when you decide to part with them.

  1. 7-Zip

Many files come in the different type of compressed formats. While Windows now have native support to open zip files, it does not support many other compressed formats. It is annoying to face an error when you try to open a certain file and come to know that you cannot open it. So, installing 7-zip in advance will save you from such trouble.

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