Enviro-Disposal Group – The #1 Waste Removal & Soil Recycle Company

Enviro-Disposal Group – The #1 Waste Removal & Soil Recycle Company

Are you on the lookout for the best, experienced soil removal/recycle company serving NY or NJ? Look no further than Enviro-Disposal Group, the most reputed name among soil removing and recycling contractors in New York and New Jersey. They have a team of soil removal experts committed to delivering quality results in no time. You can count on them for all your waste disposal and contaminated soil removal needs. To know more about how they work, visit their official website.

Enviro-Disposal Group – The #1 Waste Removal & Soil Recycle Company

Widely known as the best Soil disposal Company NY and Enviro Recycling Group in New York, the Enviro-Disposal Group believes in delivering quality services at affordable rates. They employ the latest and best expertise to carry out soil removal and recycling jobs. When you’re working with them you can be sure that your soil removal job will be done with greatest efficiency and reliability.

Here’s how they describe their business:

‘’Enviro-Disposal Group is powered by a team of professionals led by twenty-five year industry expert, Richard Rivkin, who has managed more than 3,000 projects involving Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous contaminated soils, dredged sediments and other environmentally regulated materials.

Uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the highest degree of technical expertise, and lowest-cost access to numerous Landfills, Recycling Facilities, and Re-use Facilities nationwide.  Fast, competent, turnkey service from start to finish. Union and Non-Union transportation via fully permitted tri-axle dump trucks, dump-trailers, roll-off containers, vac-tankers, and drum vans.’’

As the company president, Rich Rivkin supervises all soil removal projects to ensure their customers get the best services available. He has extensive experience in interpreting lab analytical data to define soil Waste Classification, identifying low-cost disposal facility options, and implementing and managing soil removal projects.

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