garage door replacement Suffolk

Replacing My Old Sagging Garage Doors

For years I dreaded opening my garage doors. The old wooden panels sagged heavily in the middle, requiring lifting with two hands to get them rolling. Garage Door Replacement in Suffolk sounded like a smart solution, but I didn’t want a typical replacement – I wanted an upgrade. After some research, I decided to install a belt drive system for a smooth automatic lift. Here’s how it went.

garage door replacement Suffolk

Signs it was Time for an Upgrade

Beyond just sagging, the doors were losing their structural integrity. A few panels had soft spots and one even bowed inward slightly. My workshop tools weighed them down over the years. The hinges and rollers were worn, squeaking and sticking. It was time – these doors had given good service but their lifecycle was over. I wanted a system lifting the full weight easily for years to come.

Choosing a Belt Drive System

After ruling out typical replacement options, a belt drive system seemed like the perfect modernized upgrade. Instead of overhead tracks and chain drives, a toothed belt smoothly winds around a motor pulley for a fast, quiet lift. No more lifting or struggling. For easy one-button operation, I chose LiftMaster’s belt drive opener and wall console. Installation seemed more involved than a basic opener but would be well worth it.

Removing the Old Doors

First was the messy job of removing the old doors. I dismantled each wooden panel, removing tracks and hinges. Sweeping up years of dust and debris filled several bags. Seeing the exposed frames and tracks revealed just how worn everything had become. Now was the time for a complete system refresh with new tracks, hinges and other hardware.

Framing and Track Installation

With the old system out, I could focus on the new framework. Using the existing openings, I installed new vertical tracks and header bracket. Angle iron reinforced the frames to support the belt drive system weight. The belt drive rail smoothly curved around the header and down both sides. Roller and hinge positions were marked for a perfect fit of the new doors.

Mounting the Belt Drive Assembly

The belt drive motor assembly fitted centrally along the header. I leveled it precisely and bolted it in place. Its toothed belt fit perfectly into the curved rail. With electrical wiring run to the motor, everything was ready for the new doors to be installed and tested. A few windings of the belt pulled the empty doors up with ease, confirming a smooth lift was in store.

Finishing Touches and First Use

A fresh coat of paint on the new frames completed the aesthetic upgrade. The LiftMaster wall console wired up easily. A single button press raised and lowered the doors without any struggle. What a difference from the sagging wooden panels of old! Years of dreads and strains lifted away just like the new doors. Now my workshop opens with ease for many more productive years to come.

In the end, replacing my old manual doors with a belt drive system was well worth the time and money. Not only did it solve issues of sagging and strain, it upgraded the entire system for reliable automatic operation. Garage Door Replacement in Suffolk sounded intimidating, but taking on this DIY project myself delivered great satisfaction. The smooth new doors are joy to use – no more pushing and pulling. An upgrade like this can really improve quality of life in your own garage.