garage door spring repair Richmond

Fixing a Twisted Torsion Spring While Avoiding Injuries

Opening the garage door had become a struggle over the past couple months. It would stall halfway and needed strong pulls to continue moving. Then one morning it flat out refused to budge at all no matter how hard I yanked on the release cord. Peering up, I spotted the telltale twisted coil of one of my door’s counterbalance springs. Uh oh, this was not a simple DIY fix.

garage door spring repair Richmond

Inspection and Diagnosis

Torsion springs aren’t something the average homeowner can monkey around with due to the serious danger they present if mishandled. So instead of jumping in, I called a pro. Garage Door Spring Repair in Richmond was able to come same-day for an assessment.

He confirmed one spring was significantly twisted, while the other showed early signs of tension failure too. Left unaddressed, it could potentially damage surrounding garage structure or worse, inflict injuries from a sudden detachment. Clearly this needed attention ASAP by an expert.

Dangers of DIY Spring Work

Torsion springs are under immense tension to help lift the heavy garage door panels with ease. If one were to suddenly fail or be improperly released during replacement, it could coil violently like a snapped rubber band with lethal force. Even relaxed springs require cautious handling.

It only takes a minor mistake to sustain injuries like deep lacerations or bone fractures from whipping steel cables. Then there’s risks of the door falling if springs aren’t properly secured. For good reason, it’s illegal in many areas for non-professionals to perform this type of repair work themselves.

The Proper Professional Approach

Luckily, the spring tech who came to assess my situation was well-trained and took all necessary safety precautions. He installed sturdy braces to secure the door from accidental downward movement first.

Then specialized tools were employed to gradually relieve tension on each spring without risk of failure, before being disconnected. New premium springs were carefully wound, centered and fitted with a winding shaft and locking pliers to slowly add opposite tension in a controlled manner.

Throughout, heavy duty wall and column mounts ensured nothing could shift or slip during the process. His years of experience handling these complex mechanisms with focus on security was exceedingly reassuring.

Inspection and Adjustments

Once new springs were fully installed, he double checked winding balanced and lubricated all moving hinge points for quiet, smooth operation. Small tweaks were made to door alignment and spring tension until it moved perfectly balanced across the tracks again with minimal force.

Finally educated instruction was provided on ongoing basic care like lubrication schedules and warning sign inspection intervals to maximize the new springs’ lifespan. With his expertise, I have peace of mind that a dangerous situation was resolved properly by a highly qualified technician.

Leave it to the Licensed Pros

As convenient as it seems to replace components ourselves for savings, some projects frankly pose too great a safety hazard for untrained personnel. When it comes to mechanisms under immense tension like heavy garage doors, having licensed ‘Garage Door Spring Repair in Richmond’ handle the job gives assurance everything possible was done to minimize risks.

While we all want to check self-repair off our to-do lists during maintenance season, our wellbeing should take top priority on potentially perilous tasks beyond our skill level. So for torsion springs or other serious mechanicals, it’s always best to allow the qualified professionals to do what they do best – and leave the danger-work to the experts!