Why Does Garage Door Open By Itself?

The mysterious occurrence of garage doors opening seemingly by themselves can be concerning, but fortunately there are some potential explanations. The most common cause is a malfunction in the safety or motion sensors that detect when an obstruction is present and prevent the door from closing.

Other possible causes include a defection in the opener motor itself, a power surge, or even a strange electromagnetic interference. In rare instances, animals may cause doors to open as well.


The primary safety feature in garage door openers is the photoelectric sensor, which is a pair of infrared beams that span the full width of the opening. If something passes through this beam when it’s not supposed to, such as a person or pet, the opener will reverse and open back up.

If this sensor is not properly aligned, it may detect an obstruction when there isn’t one, causing the door to open by itself. The issue can usually be fixed by realigning the sensors.

If a power surge causes your door to open spontaneously, chances are that the opener’s circuit board has been damaged and will need to be replaced. If these potential causes of your door opening itself have been ruled out, then you may be dealing with an unusual form of electromagnetic interference.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a phenomenon that occurs when electrical signals from one device or system interfere with another. EMI can be caused by an appliance or other device that is plugged in nearby, such as a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, or microwave oven. Finally, if you have animals living near or inside your garage, they could potentially set off the safety sensors and cause the door to open randomly.

If your garage door is still having trouble opening or closing, consult a garage door opener repair Chester expert.

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